Catalina Boats

Posted by Melina 07/22/2016 0 Comment(s) Travel/Movement,

Summer is just getting hotter and with it comes the Mermaid Life! In case you were wondering, mermaids enjoy boat rides (Little Mermaid anyone?)

Boat life can be difficult : Winds, salt water and the constant sun bathing. But we make due!

The sea is literally calling us and we are simply answering the call. Grabbing insperation, energizing our aura and cleansing the spirit. It's no surprise even therapist

suggest visiting the beach to calm any anxiety or stress. The sound of ocean waves, the beautiful tints and hues of blues, fresh air and the vast body of water is so enchanting.

We hope you answer the call and enjoy your Summer with a healthy dose of beach living!


Stay Beautiful!

Urban Gals

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