DIY Ice Tie Dye Pillow

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Labor Day Weekend is here and some of you might be staying home! This fun tie dye project can be done over the weekend (fun with friends and family!) All you need is a baking dish, cookie rack, white pillow case(or shirt), ice and tie dye (ink or powder).

Let's get started!


Those are some lovely nails you got there. It'd be a shame if they got...dyed....


Remember to put on gloves so you don't ruin your beautiful manicure!


Have your tye die, baking dish, rack, and ice ready, along with a table cloth or cardboard so your floor doesn't get dyed as well!


Put pillow case inside baking dish and cookie rack on top of baking dish.


Add ice on to cookie rack. 


Sprinkle or squirt tye die on top of ice.




Let ice melt.


Then hang and dry! End results always vary but we guarantee a lot of fun with this weekend project!


Remember those gloves we mentioned earlier? They came in handy! Nails still perfect!


Be sure to try this over the weekend and tag us on Instagram to share your DIY Ice Tie Dye Pillow Project!


Stay Beautiful

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