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The office is for work! Yoga work! For Self Improvement Month we are tackling the office bum within us and giving our body the stretch and love it deserves. These are some quick and easy moves you and your coworkers can do mid day. Getting off that office chair and stretching those legs, arms and back.


Number 1 rule in ANY workout is proper posture. Keeping your back straight, shoulders aligned and feet planted.




Our first go to workout pose is the old fashion Squat. Ladies, I know squatting can be difficult but have we asked ourselves why? It's because it literally works everything in your body! Calves, thighs(inner thighs), back, abs and our gluteous maximus! 

This position can be done easily without needing any sort of workout equipment. You can however add dumbbells if you'd like to intensify your daily routine!



Standard plank position is great to strengthen your arms and core. What makes this position so great is that it can also lead to other workout poses!


Lifting your leg up works your bum and gives you sexy shoulders! Note to self: Tie your hair back when working out....


We quickly swing our leg forward, erecting our back and shoulders, and if needed stay in this position to catch your breath!


We then raise our hand up, arching your back ever slightly, helping stretch those beautiful thighs.



And with that you have some easy in office workouts you can do with your fellow coworkers! These moves take no more than 15 minutes and can improve your health and office vibe.


Any workouts you like doing within your office day? Comment below and share your office workout routine!


Stay Beautiful

Urban X Gals


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