Urban X Fall Bucket List

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Happy Fall Equinox!


It is everyone's favorite time of year. The time when the air gets crisp and cool, bakeries smelling like cinammon and stores displaying cute Fall decoration.

This year we decided to take Self Improvement Month a little more serious. With it, we decided to create our own Fall Bucket List.

Have you ever thought, "I should definately do that next year". Yet, something always comes up and you're unable to mark that off your list.

Don't worry, we've all been there. This time however, for Self Improvement Month, lets make our Fall Bucket List and actually fullfill it!



First on our list is the pumpkin spice latte. I was in shock when I found out some of my amazing coworkers have never tried it! 

So this drink made it to the list. I always loved the subtle cinammon spice and the sweet taste of pumpkin. An absolute favorite and must!


Going apple picking is everyones family favorite. Taking the kids or parents, smelling the sweet scent of apples, bringing them home and turning them into delicious pies.


Getting lost in a corn maze! This one sounds personally fun to me! Though, please don't actually get lost, we here at Urban X love you! But if you need to call us to pick you up, we'll be there! 


Carving your own pumpkin can definitely be a challenge. Especially if you do it with friends and family, you will end up seeing who has the best carving skills.... And who shouldn't quit their day job.


Going to a haunted tour or hayride sounds both exciting and terrifying! In the spirit of October, however this is something that simply needs to be done!

Gathering a group of friends or significant other while you explore the uknown. Be sure to take a camera and possibly rock salt.


Attend your local Fall Festival. No matter where your live, whether it be the city or rural area, there are always fun Fall Festivals you can attend.

Shockingly this is another activity we at Urban X have not gotten a chance to fullfill...Yet!


Candles is something that we all think of when we picture Fall home decor. So why not try making our own? See what candle workshops is available in your area! 


Say goodbye to sandwitches and potato salads because Fall and Winter is known for hot meals. 

Did you know pumpkin and apples can be cooked for both deserts and savery meals? You can make pumpkin soup or apple stuffed pork chops! 


Our final item on the list is knitting your own scarf. You might be scared, that's okay, so am I but that's okay!

Lets do something different, even if it's as small as knitting a scarf.


This is our Urban X Fall Bucket List but we would love to see what you have in your list? Is there anything you think we should try? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Stay Beautiful

Urban Gals

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