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The month of October brings many thoughts and feelings. The thought of change, the cool drop of temperature and the holidays quickly approaching. For many however, it is the bitter reminder of pain and loss. 

It's understandable that touching this specific subject can be scary or even taboo. However, being left in the dark is worse than talking about dark times. 

Growing up we heard about cancer and the death toll it brings. As a woman you know that we run a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The question here is: How can we tell if we have breast cancer? What are some of the myths and facts?

Below is a chart stating just a few myths and facts of what many believe is the truth of breast cancer.



We are saying "It's okay to touch yourself". Meaning, lift your arm and feel around your breast to detect any lumps. And if you feel anything abnormal, visit your physician before you start worrying. In some cases, these lumps can be easily removed and are not cancerous. But of course we always suggest going to see a doctor and get it confirmed. Don't be too afraid to visit your doctor. We suggest taking a close family or friend. Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Cancer is an ugly disease. The pain the individual goes through especially when put in chemo is unspeakable. And the pain family and friends go through is what real nightmares are made of. But through love and support we can overcome this hurtle. We can bring hope to future generations and bring comfort to those who have lost someone and admire the strength of those who survived.



There are many ways to support the fight! You can donate to and help women get the treatment they need to win the fight.

You can join the Walk for a World Without Breast Cancer. Visit their website to see a participating city:

Find a support group and give each other the strength to endure! Visit Susan Komen's website to see what support group you can join:


We want to hear from you. What is your story? Any advice you want to give those who may have or know someone who has just been diagnosed?


Stay Beautiful

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