Alternative to Pumpkin Carving

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The office is being filled with the sweet scent of apple cinnamon and decorated with mini pumpkins! So we decided to do a little pumpkin carving but minus the carving! 


For this DIY all you will need is a pumpkin of your choice (big or small does not matter) glue (in our case we used fabric glue but any kind of arts and crafts glue will do) and confetti (but for easier and best results we suggest glitter)



Once you get all your supplies ready, simply glue a pattern on your pumpkin and sprinkle your confetti or glitter, dust it off and let dry. Very simple but fun way to decorate your pumpkin without using any kitchen utensils <3



Fun fact: Did you know pumpkin carving started in Ireland? Only it wasn't with pumpkins but with turnips and beets! It was later westernized when the tradition came to the U.S.A we started carving pumpkins instead due to it being larger and easier to carve!



This was our alternative to pumpkin carving, what do you like doing with your pumpkins? Do you stick to the traditional carving or have you tried something a little different?

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