Beach Survival Kit

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There is going to the beach and then there is going to the beach like an Urban Gal! 

Being prepared to hit the beach can be stressful but lucky for you we have deviced an easy list of goodies any beach bum should take!

We have a variety of goods that any land mermaid can forget before her great ocean adventure! 


Number 1 : Your style and beach look.

Bikini? Of course! But what about a cute crochet tunic for those wonderful walks around the pier? We cannot go to any beach without an easy crochet slip on tunic - It's simply too inviting!


Number 2: Beach towels.

You can't be a beach bum without an amazing beach towel! Typically, the average person takes 1 for themselves but we always suggest bringing a minimum of two.

For you and the mermaid next to you that didn't get a chance to read this blog post ;)


Number 3: Sunnies.

Cruising down Ocean Blvd. requires some amazingly cutes sunnies! Hair out, car top down and sunnies up! Don't be shy either, take a few pairs! (I wont judge!)


Number 4: Skin care (The most important part!)

To my Urban Mermaids out there, we care about you and the health of that beautiful skin of yours! A beautiful tan can make the difference but health always comes first!

Here is our suggestion for comfortable skin care at the beach!

First we have Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DRY-TOUCH Sunscreen 100+. This is a light weight sun screen that you literally only need to put on a dab and it covers you up!

Unlike other creams where you have to practically bathe in it, this little gem covers you up without the mess or heaviness.


Next up is the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray 50+. Good for a quick cover up for those legs, arms and tummy! Last for over an hour while you splash around!


Lastly, Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body butter. After you're great oceanside adventure, you decide to take a bubble bath, pop some pop corn, turn on netflix and moisterize

that beautiful new tan skin. Pacifica helps riplenish your thirsty skin with essential coconut oils and sea minerals. Massage it over your arms, legs and tummy to acheive instant sun-kissed glow!

Enjoy your night in a light weight dress, sandles, light some candles and enjoy the rest of your beach night! 


Stay Beautiful!

Urban X Gals


***Style#UC029M for crochet tunic

***Style#UDR3282M for teal high low dress

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